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Chundong Invited to Make a Seminar at ECNU

Posted:   January 15, 2021

Status:   Completed

Tags :   News

Categories :   General

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Chundong Wang gave a seminar titled The Tenet of Memory: Following the Prestige at East China Normal University (ECNU, 华东师范大学). In the seminar, Chundong presented why the conventional memory hierarchy plays an important role in a computing system and how the promising non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies can be used to revolutionize it.

Chundong was invited by Professor Liang Shi who is a productive and renowned computer scientist in the domain of data storage and embedded systems. ECNU is a famous comprehensive public research university in Shanghai, China. This seminar is a part of the series of seminars organized by the Technical Committee of Information Storage Technology of Shanghai Computer Society (上海市计算机学会).