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Paper Reading Session of Toast Lab

Posted:   May 31, 2021

Status:   In-progress

Tags :   News

Categories :   General

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Since the middle of March, a new paper reading session has been regularly held in Toast Lab. It is a weekly event in which a speaker presents a state-of-the-art research paper while other lab-mates freely express their opinions. The topics cover computer architecture, file system and storage, operating systems, software testing, etc. Through this paper session, we intend to gain both knowledge and skills.

The following papers have been discussed by the end of May.

  • Scalable Persistent Memory File System with Kernel-Userspace Collaboration (USENIX FAST 2021)
  • LB+Trees: Optimizing Persistent Index Performance on 3DXPoint Memory (VLDB 2020)
  • Speicher: Securing LSM-based Key-Value Stores using Shielded Execution (USENIX FAST 2019)
  • Designing a Cost-Effective Cache Replacement Policy using Machine Learning (HPCA 2021)
  • Libnvmmio: Reconstructing Software IO Path with Failure-Atomic Memory-Mapped Interface (USENIX ATC 2020)
  • PMTest: A Fast and Flexible Testing Framework for Persistent Memory Programs (ASPLOS 2019)
  • ShieldStore: Shielded In-memory Key-value Storage with SGX (EuroSys 2019)
  • Density Tradeoffs of Non-Volatile Memory as a Replacement for SRAM based Last Level Cache (ISCA 2018)
  • CROSSTALK: Speculative Data Leaks Across Cores Are Real (IEEE S&P 2021)
  • ArchTM: Architecture-Aware, High Performance Transaction for Persistent Memory (USENIX FAST 2021)
  • Clobber-NVM: Log Less, Re-execute More (ASPLOS 2021)
  • Dead Page and Dead Block Predictors: Cleaning TLBs and Caches Together (HPCA 2021)