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The Release of Circ-Tree

Posted:   December 23, 2019

Status:   In-Progress

Tags :   News

Categories :   Progress

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We have released a pre-print paper titled "Circ-Tree: A B+-Tree Variant with Circular Design for Persistent Memory". It presents a new B+-tree variant for the persistent memory built on top of the byte-addressable non-volatile memory, e.g., Intel 3D XPoint and STT-RAM. In contrast to a standard B+-tree node, a node of Circ-Tree no long has a fixed base address but is with a circular structure. This novel design significantly reduces memory writes in shifting key-value pairs for insertion and deletion. More details of Circ-Tree can be found in the paper. A final version of the paper would be sent out for review soon.

The second author of this paper, Mr Gunavaran Brihadiswarn, did the work when he was an intern in Singapore University of Technology and Design as a third-year undergraduate student. We wish him every success in his future endeavours.