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One Paper Accepted by JSA

Posted:   March 10, 2024

Status:   Completed

Tags :   News

Categories :   Publication

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Our paper titled "Caiti: I/O Transit Caching for Persistent Memory-based Block Device" is eventually accepted by the Journal of Systems Architecture: Embedded Software Design (JSA). In the paper, we study the efficiency of using the persistent memory (pmem) to build a block device with the BTT driver in Linux kernel. We find that the device cache which is commonly installed in storage devices is missing in the BTT. We accordingly add one managed with a novel I/O transit strategy. We name the proposed algorithm Caiti.

Ms. Qing Xu is the first author of the paper. With JSA, this paper has gone through five (5) rounds of revisions (one major revision and four minor revisions) in past 10 months. Particularly, the Associate Editor (AE) who was in charge of this paper has invited overall fourteen (14) reviewers to provide comments. To our best knowledge, such a number of reviewers should be very rare for a research paper in the domain of electrical engineering and computer science. Please look before you leap when considering a submission to JSA.