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One Paper Accepted by IEEE TC

Posted:   December 28, 2020

Status:   Completed

Tags :   News

Categories :   Publication

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Our paper titled "Circ-Tree: A B+-Tree Variant with Circular Design for Persistent Memory" is accepted by the IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC). A preliminary version of the paper was released on 20th December, 2019. Circ-Tree is a B+-tree variant for byte-addressable non-volatile memories (NVM). The circular node structure of Circ-Tree makes it exactly appropriate for emerging NVM, like STT-MRAM. Through a strategy of bidirectional shifting upon an insertion/deletion, Circ-Tree yields much higher performance than state-of-the-art B+-tree variants with the classic unidirectional shifting over sorted tree nodes.

IEEE TC is widely considered as a prestigious journal in the domain of computer science.