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One Paper Accepted by IEEE ICPADS 2023

Posted:   October 27, 2023

Status:   Completed

Tags :   News

Categories :   Publication

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Our paper titled "Asynchronous and Adaptive Checkpoint for WAL-Based Data Storage Systems" is accepted by the 29th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2023). In the paper, we optimize the checkpoint operation of SQLite and shorten the critical path through employing asynchronous I/O model and workload-adaptive checkpoint strategy.

This paper has been accepted as a Regular Research Paper (full paper) with an acceptance rate of 19.44% (196/1008). The first author of this paper, Ms Li Zhu, conducted this research project after finishing the fina-year project (FYP) and before graduating with the bachelor's degree. Mr Yanpeng Hu and Chundong are co-authors.