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29 Sep 2021 The Release of a Revolutionized LSM-tree  In-Progress

An LSM-tree variant leveraging dentry management of file system

09 Sep 2021 One Paper Accepted by ASP-DAC 2022  Completed

Our paper on boosting search for B+-tree is accepted by ASP-DAC 2022.

22 Jun 2021 Chundong Attended ASSIST 2021 with a Talk  Completed

A Talk about Using and Reshaping CPU Cache

07 Jun 2021 Chundong Visited SDU and OUC in Qingdao  Completed

To Learn and Communicate

31 May 2021 Paper Reading Session of Toast Lab  In-progress

A session for discussing research papers

30 May 2021 Yanpeng and Wang Rui Defended Their Dissertations  Completed

Congratulations to Yanpeng and Wang Rui!

16 Apr 2021 Prof. Yongxin Zhu's Visit to Toast Lab with a Seminar  Completed

A Seminar on Custom Computing for Big Data

15 Jan 2021 Chundong Invited to Make a Seminar at ECNU  Completed

A Seminar about the Tenet of Memory

28 Dec 2020 One Paper Accepted by IEEE TC  Completed

A paper about a B+-tree with circular node for NVM is accepted by IEEE TC.

11 Sep 2020 One Paper Accepted by FSIDI  Completed

Our paper about IoT digital forensics investigation is accepted by FSIDI.

04 Sep 2020 One Paper Accepted by ICCD 2020  Completed

Our paper about Isle-Tree is accepted by ICCD 2020.

04 Aug 2020 A Mirror Site for Toast Lab Launched  Completed

A mirror site is created for Toast Lab.

27 Jul 2020 One Paper Accepted by IEEE TDSC  Completed

A paper about fuzzing Wi-Fi clients is accepted by IEEE TDSC.

17 Jul 2020 One Paper Accepted by JSA  Completed

A paper about how to secure a robot is accepted by JSA.

05 Jun 2020 Chongnan Defended His Dissertation  Completed

Congratulations to Chongnan!

25 Apr 2020 One Paper Accepted by USENIX ATC '20  Completed

The paper about SweynTooth is accepted by USENIX ATC 2020.

20 Apr 2020 One Paper Accepted by ACM TECS  Completed

The paper presents an optimized version of Crab-tree for ARMv8 and NVM.

13 Apr 2020 The Commencement of Toast Lab  Completed

Chundong has assumed duty with ShanghaiTech University.

18 Mar 2020 The Release of Stitcher for IoT Forensics  Completed

Stitcher is a tool developed for handling IoT digital forensics investigation.

11 Feb 2020 The Release of SweynTooth for BLE  Completed

SweynTooth captures a family of at least 12 vulnerabilities across various BLE SDKs.

04 Feb 2020 The Launch of Toast Lab Delayed Due to 2019-nCoV  Completed

The commencement of Toast Lab would be postponed.

23 Dec 2019 The Release of Circ-Tree  In-Progress

Circ-Tree is a new B+-tree variant for persistent memory with circular design.

14 Nov 2019 One Paper Accepted by ICICS 2019  Completed

Congratulations to Jingxuan!

29 Oct 2019 The Website of Toast Lab Is Online  Completed

The website of Toast Lab is online today.